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Leadership - Company - Leadership Serving Customers is the Core of Our Leadership Summa’s


Serving customers is the core of our leadership.

Summa’s world-class management team consists of visionary and results-driven industry leaders bringing decades of diverse experience and a history of success to create innovative products and solutions which enable customers around the world to have utmost confidence in the Summa brand.

John Lash
President | CEO
Summa Worldwide
Company Founder
Drew Groshong
Vice President - Sales
Summa USA
Year Joined: 1994
Julie Clark
Summa USA
Year Joined: 1996
Luciana Velloso
Vice President - Int'l Business Development
Summa USA
Year Joined: 1998
Greg Wentz
Technical Director
Summa USA
Year Joined: 1999
Anthony Denizard
Operations Manager
Summa USA
Year Joined: 2008
Royce Owen
Director of Marketing
Summa USA
Year Joined: 2007